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Frozen Princess Castle Escape


Your favorite princess, Princess Juliet, is ready for a new adventure and you must join her in this great Frozen story game. She must safe her beloved friend, Koobs.The evil wizard worked his magic powers and put under a very powerful and dark spell the whole kingdom! The castle is now completely frozen, and the wicked wizard freezed Koobs also. It is your job to help Juliet find Koobs, defrost him and save his life!
After you complete this task, you must find a way to recreate a magic spell in order to bring back the eternal spring! This won't be easy, but you are the only one that is capable to help our little friend in this magic princess game.
Have fun playing this fun frozen escape game! This is the place where fantastic things happen and you will be able to have fun with adorable characters, defeat the wicked evil and bring back joy and happiness in the kingdom.
Don't forget to tell your friends about this incredible adventure. This is the ultimate frozen escape game for girls, with an exciting story and awesome challenges. Enjoy!